Our Philosophy

Republic NOLA is a platform that extends far past the brick walls, stage, and bars it houses to connect a community through the love of music by creating unforgettable, engaging experiences. Uniting fans with artists, businesses with their customers, and clients with their guests is our passion. Making lasting memories by producing epic events in a welcoming, hospitable environment is our core purpose because the special moments that stay with you are what life’s all about. What matters to us are those moments our patrons talk about for years to come--when a guest discovers an artist for the first time, makes their dreams come true by being 5 feet away from their favorite band, forms a lifelong friendship with someone they meet in the crowd, celebrates love by getting married on our stage, or simply has the “best night ever!!”. We are so grateful for those who have joined us through our 13 year journey so far, and we hope to create many more memories with you all for years to come!

Our Space

The Venue

At its core, the physical space of Republic NOLA is a balanced dichotomy of old and new; a historic warehouse that has been revived with modern amenities, allowing guests to experience a piece of the past with the technology of today. The vintage hand-painted murals, original wooden beams, and stunning chandeliers are juxtaposed by state-of-the-art sound, lighting and video systems to create a unique, one-of-a-kind atmosphere. The venue’s duality is further emphasized through design choices that attune the more masculine, industrial elements like dark wood, concrete floors, and chesterfield leather couches with more feminine, opulent accents like crystal chandeliers, sleek white subway tile backsplashes, and shiny copper/brass details. The bi-level layout completes the theme of duality and balance by creating two separate, yet fully interconnected spaces.

The Vibe

We can tell you all about the historic character of the building, the careful thought put into design, and stats on the amazing technical features, but explaining the vibe of our very special space is much more challenging to put into words. It’s the feeling of pure elation that washes over you when your favorite artist plays that first crisp note you can feel reverberate down to your bones. It’s the memories of screaming at the top of your lungs and dancing until until your legs ache with your closest friends by your side. It’s the warmth that spreads deep in your soul when you realize you’re in a room full of like-minded people united by the love of music; a content feeling of belonging that resembles the familiar sensation of returning home after a long trip. It’s being in an intimate venue where you’re so close to the performer on stage that you can see the beads of sweat running down their face and feel the passion leaving their body. The true essence of Republic NOLA is defined by the moments that transpire within our walls and transcend the physical realm. When you walk through those doors, there is a certain energy in the air that is difficult to articulate, but one thing is for certain--it is impossible to deny. You just have to experience it for yourself...

Our Events

Republic NOLA strives to book a diverse, eclectic array of both public and private events. On the public side, live shows featuring local talent and national/international tours with renowned headliners of every genre dominate the calendar, along with the occasional comedy show, sporting event, fashion show, or theme party. On the private side, Republic NOLA’s close proximity to the Convention Center makes it an ideal venue for corporate receptions, experiential marketing events, unforgettable private concerts, and a unique off-site meeting/presentation space. The venue has also hosted close to 100 weddings and counting for fun-loving couples, in addition to social events like sorority/fraternity formals, class reunions, and charitable fundraisers.

Our Team

Behind every house, there’s a family that makes it a home. Behind every guest’s experience at Republic NOLA, there’s a team of dedicated, passionate professionals whose singular goal is to ensure you have the time of your life! Hospitality is in our blood in New Orleans, and our management team and staff know how to throw one heck of a party!

Our History

Imagine a ship that was built before America was America. A ship that traveled for months across the Atlantic Ocean to reach its destination of the Port of New Orleans, where it docked on the muddy banks of the pre-industrialized Mississippi River. A ship that sailed it’s final transatlantic voyage, only to be disassembled and repurposed for parts that were used to construct a warehouse just a few blocks away. When you enter Republic NOLA, you enter the latest chapter of a story than began when our first column was erected 167 years ago, and the moments you experience within our walls help to write the next page. Do you want to be a part of history in the making? We hope you’ll join us in continuing the story...

  • 1852:The Montgomery Family constructs the building to hold goods harvested from their plantation before shipping out of the Port of New Orleans. The warehouse is erected from ships that were dismantled after making their final transatlantic journey, forming the wooden columns and exposed ceiling that still adorn our space today.
  • 1925:The city flourishes in the age of jazz and prohibition; meanwhile the warehouse continues to be used for storage until it is eventually abandoned.
  • 1984:New Orleans hosts The World’s Fair and the building is revived as part of the Australian Pavilion.
  • 1986:The space is converted to a music venue and The Howlin’ Wolf becomes a beacon for rock, funk and jazz legends like The Foo Fighters, The Strokes, Dr. John, and many more.
  • 1991:Oliver Stone uses the venue as part of his set for the film “JFK”, leaving behind the murals that fill the walls of our Mezzanine.
  • 2005:Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans; The Howlin’ Wolf moves to a new location and Republic opens its doors in December--just 4 months after the storm.
  • 2015:Following a change in ownership, Republic celebrates 10 Years of incredible events and performances with a massive renovation and refresh of the historic space.
  • Today:Republic NOLA continues to set the standard for concerts and events in New Orleans and across the Gulf South.


Republic NOLA is conveniently located in the Arts/Warehouse District of downtown New Orleans:

  • 2 blocks from the Convention Center
  • 4 blocks from Harrah’s Casino
  • 8 blocks from the French Quarter
  • 14 blocks from the Superdome/Smoothie King Center
  • ~25 min from Louis Armstrong International Airport (MSY)

Turn-By-Turn Directions (From Airport):

  • Using Airport Access Rd., enter onto I-10 East toward New Orleans.
  • Continue on I-10 and take Exit 11 via US 90 West: “Tchoupitoulas/S.Peters”.
  • Continue straight and make a left turn on S.Peters Street (3rd stop light).
  • Republic NOLA is located 6 blocks down on the right side, between St. Joseph St. & Julia St.

Nearest Parking Options*

  • Metered street parking is generally available and is free from 7pm-7am & on Sundays
  • Fulton Garage: 901 Convention Center Blvd. (2 blocks, rates vary)
  • The Riverwalk: 500 Port of New Orleans Pl. (2 blocks, rates vary)

*we highly encourage the use of Uber/Lyft or a designated driver if you plan to imbibe; don’t drink and drive!

Republic NOLA