A Merry Scary Emo Night

Republic NOLA & Real Rock Club present...

A Merry Scary Emo Night

Hurricane Season, Acadiana Trace

Saturday, December 14, 2019 Doors:  10:00pm   


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This is a downstairs only, standing room show. VIP tickets are not available. If you’re interested in a table with bottle service, click "Reserve a Table" above!

HO HO HOLD UP... A Christmas theme'd Emo Night?! What CAN'T we do? Let go of the past... Oof. See you in JINGLE HELL on 12/14 you heathens!

There's no place like home for the holidays, and by HOME, we mean REPUBLIC for EMO NIGHT, because let's keep it real, you've never felt like you belonged anyway... Your brother is probably a lawyer and your parents are so proud, but what have you done? NOTHING. How's that Etsy shop doing? You're probably still working your way up the chain to be an assistant manager at your local Hot Topic... Enough joking around. Emo Night is BACK and this time we're celebrating CHRISTMAS with Hurricane Season & Acadiana Trace. Be there!

Republic NOLA