Emo Night: Rawring into the 20s

Republic NOLA & Real Rock Club present...

Emo Night: Rawring into the 20s

Hurricane Season, Lip Candy

Friday, January 17, 2020 Doors:  11:00pm   


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This is a downstairs-only, standing-room show. VIP tickets are not available. For the ultimate experience, secure an exclusive table with bottle service. Click "Reserve a Table" above for more information.

Imagine if The Great Gatsby took place in the greatest era of all time, 2005-2011. Gatsby and Daisy are both number 1 in each other's top 8. They walk around the mall holding hands and playing Dance Dance Revolution at the arcade. Life is good. WELL THAT'S BASICALLY WHAT THIS IS. Forget the Roarin' 20s... IT'S TIME FOR THE RAWRING 20s! Hurricane Season & Lip Candy will be playing your perfect soundtrack all night long. Make sure you bring in 2020 in the darkest fashion possible on Friday 1/17!

Republic NOLA