Emo Night

Republic NOLA & Real Rock Club present...

Emo Night: Back 2 Skool

Lip Candy, Hurricane Season

Friday, September 20, 2019 Doors:  10:30pm   


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This is a downstairs-only, standing-room show. VIP tickets are not available. For the ultimate experience, secure an exclusive table with bottle service. Click "Reserve a Table" above for more information.

Sit down class, because we're about to give you a lesson on channeling your over-the-top emotions through loud & angry music! We hope you have your pens & paper ready, because we have special presentations from Lip Candy & Hurricane season, and you're not going to want to miss any notes... Seriously though, school is back. You're tired, stressed out, and probably pretty dehydrated. Why have a complete breakdown at home alone during your online math quiz when you can let it all out with the rest of NOLAs' Emo Army?! See you at emo night you beautiful disaster!

Republic NOLA