The Darkness [Postponed]

Winter Circle Productions & Republic NOLA present...

The Darkness [Postponed]

The Dead Deads

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 Doors:  7:00pm    Show:  8:00pm


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The Darkness are a UK rock band currently eeking out an existence on the periphery of the world music scene. Surrounded by a team of highly paid professional technicians, our heroes battle irrelevance in obscurity, paying themselves a meagre minimum wage so as to keep it real.
The Darkness’ live performances have become legendary. Or mythological.
The absence of an official live DVD means you have to witness a show first hand before you are entitled to slag it off. Then, and only then, may you slag it off. I wager you won’t, because the Darkness will make you shit in your pants, in a good way.
I should know. I’m the singer.
Justin Hawkins
Republic NOLA